Nic Nine

Nic Nine once lived in and traveled across Elyria. She’s taken the lives of at least nine people in cold blood. She is a hired killer. She’s trying to change that.

Nic Nine

In her initial attempt to look for a new place in which she could be a new person, she boarded a ship and set sail for Elyrium. Unfortunately, this particular ship seemed to be doomed. It encountered an unseasonably violent storm and ended up in the far away and untamed continent of Virgado, and smashed against the rocks of Cradle Cove, a strange and sleepy seaside town in the grips of a rising cult of See-Ya-Kai.

Since then she’s made a few thin alliances among those who survived the shipwreck. Among them are Duke Darius Darefeather, a noble-born knight of Falconsreach; Maswell Blackwine, a deadeye Torvassi sailor; Grumple of Clan Fortskin a high-born cleric of Olurin sworn to ferret out truth and bring evildoers to justice; and Zeklemes Immeralagon, the last scion of a low-ranking Tielfing house in Torvais. Survival in Virgado was not easy and finally after being caught in a run-in between Sir Chad, a member of the Olurin-sworn Knights of Quintessence, and Marigold McGinty, a powerful matriarch who sits at the head of a dim-witted but powerful and rather large family, Nic fled to Virgado’s largest and only city, Maltabar, to continue her search for a fresh start.

In Maltabar, Nic met two young people, Fritz Fellows and Pesha Willane, both Torvassi and both looking to make a new life here for themselves. She found herself more suited to working with these two as their methods were not so rigid as her former, nobleborn allies. Together they successfully brought down Clive Xolar, an evil warlock with unspeakable powers who was controlling a splinter sect of the notorious Torvassi gang, the Avam-Azur. Together, they managed to rescue a woman and return her to her uncle, Biltesh called Magnanimity, a friendly Torvassi tiefling and owner of the Golden Anchor, an inn deep in the heart of Maltabar’s Little Torvais district.

So far, Nic seems to be making a good start at carving out a new life for herself in this bustling city. Can she run far enough away to escape her dark past?


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